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ladonna e...'s Journal
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Friday, March 19th, 2004
7:39 am
Suggestive reading for the XY contingent (and their XX friends)
[NOTE: Written for and posted to sbnn; crossposted here for those Friends of ladonna who {*ahem*} aren't members/readers of that LJ Community.]

"So many men, so little time!"
--- read the T-shirt back in 1970s LA (the time and place of my own sociosexual heyday)...

ladonna, your friendly and hopefully helpful moderatrix here at sbnn, regrets being unable to personally attend to the erotic pleasure of each and every one of you.

Therefore may I offer you the following handy e-item:
Warning! (or Alert! :-) The following contains sexually explicit content: Link followsCollapse )
Sunday, April 20th, 2003
8:14 pm
Old-Fashioned Morality for my Contemporary Kid
We're watching another episode of the TV version of the Avonlea saga (good enough that it's getting me to read the books). We being me and the girls (ages 13 & 15).

There's a scene (ca. WWI) in which the engaged couple is checking out the old house they've just bought, that's been standing neglected and is a bit of a fixer-upper, I'd say. "Anne" tells how her best GF has invited her to stay with her till the wedding, so she suggests to "Gil" that he can camp out in the house.

13-yr-old Nana (who likes to talk about shows in progress, much to her older sister's annoyance) wants to get this clear: "Mom, is it because they're not supposed to live together until they're married?"

Yes, honey. I know that sounds strange...

This is multiculti education.
Friday, April 18th, 2003
12:51 am
I'm heeeeeeeeeere!
Hey, me LJ Friends! -- here I am back again :-D
and inviting you to check out a new community, being_friendly that I discovered via sbnn.

See, I just posted a little anecdote over there, to start getting y'all caught up again.
Thursday, February 13th, 2003
9:12 pm
Integrity time: would you tell that to your own daughter?
I told my husband (who generally agrees with me politically more than in any other sphere) about some of the Comments I've made in response to other LJ Users' Entries in their LJs and Posts to Community forums.

One response I particularly mentioned, was to a 16-year-old girl. My mate points out, that our eldest daughter is only a year younger than that. "Is that what you'd tell her?"

"If she made a similar remark, yes."

I thought about this for a few days - and then, to check myself out for integrity, I did the simplest thing: I went over to said daughter and repeated the conversation to her, including the original issue.

She was interested and seemed impressed. And she indicated that she thought my comment -- about women-identified-women -- was a good one.

I feel relieved, too, in that it was a way to broach a topic that hasn't yet arisen. Have already done the talks about drugs and eating disorders. My goal is still as ever: to keep rapport and the potential for communication.

Am I right, that no matter how open and approachable I make myself, a teen's inclination for privacy might mean she'll self-impose taboos and place subjects off-limits? So I'm right to bring up the important stuff that I want her to hear -- just in case she's listening!
Sunday, February 9th, 2003
11:50 pm
My little girl is designing a goth slut icon. I swear!
I don't know what she's gonna come up with next!

This is my younger daughter, the 13-yr-old, the one who reads the newspapers, who taught herself to operate the printer at age 4 and to eat with chopsticks on her second attempt (also around that age) because no one had ever told her it was difficult. read about our evening at homeCollapse )

Current Mood: startled but amused
Friday, January 31st, 2003
12:17 am
Responding to something the Cat said:
...Woman said, 'I knew I was wise, but I did not know I was beautiful...'
from "The Cat That Walked By Himself," a Just So Story by Rudyard Kipling.

I've been very happy lately. So much so, that a few times I've glimpsed myself in the mirror and not recognized my own face.

It seems I'm meeting myself in the realm of the extraordinary, that my life is catching up with my thoughts. How nice to have that kind of coherence!

I've stopped caring so much about avoiding giving offense and trying to be all things to all people. Have decided to trust myself more and please myself. Am discovering that most people don't care one way or the other, and this is actually very liberating -- dispelling foolish illusions.

Even if this isn't some kind of magic, surely it'll do for me.

Current Mood: mystical, grateful
Thursday, January 30th, 2003
6:16 am
My first hard question and easy (provisional?) answer
Even before rearing my lovely head by posting an Entry as ladonna on the sbnn community -- because it feels right to meet some of the members/others LJ Users as individuals first -- I get a hard question from my mate (though gently enough asked):

How would you reply [to a issue posed by an LJ User not much older than our own eldest daughter] if that were asked by one of our teen daughters?

What a good point and question! Well, of course I would want to be true to my beliefs... Now that I've slept on it and am putting the thoughts in black-on-white:

I hope as a parent, and no less caring & responsible LJ participant (and community maintainer), I can always be a fair and forthright person, no less passionate in expressing my convictions than I am on holding them - and that includes when challenged on them.

Having often said that being an activist involves winning hearts and minds - that (I believe) begins at home, with raising one's children. The trick is to care for less closely related humanity as you do for your own flesh and blood.

That having been said: I'll admit to holding back some details while still (I hope!) being honest. I'm still a bit old-fashioned about protecting the feelings of others, and do exercise some self-censorship.
Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
9:01 pm
Just how straight am I, anyway?
Time to write something personal.

I know very well that the prime reason I've never been intimately involved with another woman, is that I'm pretty sure I'd be at risk for falling head-over-heels in love. That's not a risk I've ever really been willing to take, no matter how utterly wonderful the prospect.

With men, there's always the culture gap that keeps me safely centered in myself.

There. That's honest. Maybe not very nice, but honest.

Current Mood: sober
7:14 pm
“The Woman” for All Seasons
Once it occurred to me that I ought to have a separate LJ User identity to take on administration etc. duties of the sbnn community, a name immediately suggested itself. And glory be! It had not yet been taken by another LJ User. So I rushed to acquire a code, and here we are with ladonna.

The literal meaning – and I looked it up to in an English>Italian dictionary to be sure – is “the woman.” And it comes out sounding more like a name than would lamujer or lafemme.

And I like the name “Donna” anyway and that’s how we pronounce the chosen name of one of my personal gender heroines, Dana International.

But activist that I am, I’m also embarking on a crusade to rehabilitate a sexist stereotype:

On one of the frequent occasions our [rather macho] boss up and absents himself from our mutual office, our [likewise male] coworker at the Italian desk amuses us by quoting the opening lines of the Duke's aria from Verdi's “Rigoletto”:

La donna è mobile / qual piuma al viento…
[loosely translates, in context, as “Woman is fickle as a feather in the wind.]

Now we all know the lovely lyrics about “…a candle in the wind,” or even “…dust in the wind.” This one though, I find rather derogatory. It needn’t be.

My parents used to use a similar (but much more vulgar, I’m sorry to say) expression about me when I was achieving adulthood with “too many” interests. They were correct in apprehending that wasn’t so single-mindedly ambitious as would have secured my success in conventional terms. Nonetheless, I’m still here and happy to be embracing many, many interests.

So, welcome to the LJ of ladonna who will be your benign and bounteous hostess in the sbnn LJ community for as long as we both shall mutually function. Woman-identified, hetero-partnered, daughter/sister/wife/mother (in chronological order).

Current Mood: pleased
12:54 pm
I rule!
Having agreed to take on responsibilities as maintainer (& owner & moderator, I suppose) of the LJ sbnn Community, my first act has been to Update the Community's LJ User Info page.

That is to say, my first act was to figure out how to do so.

And I did it! Yaaaay, ladonna! Not bad: first I create this identity, now take action. Feels great!!!

Current Mood: elated
Sunday, January 26th, 2003
9:36 pm
I'm here!
Wow! I feel like Lilu ("The Fifth Element") becoming aware of her incarnation!

Do I get some cool Jean-Paul Gaultier outfits to go with?

This is just as exciting as it was when I first conceived the idea a couple of hours ago. And I'm sure it keeps getting better, the more I'll do here.

Thank you (again and again), dear LJ godfather ijon! I hope you're enjoying this too, even vicariously.

Current Mood: bedazzled with delight
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